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Allo’ Expat is a one stop information and service center for expatriates living in or moving to Botswana, Asia Pacific or even Worldwide. Allo’ Expat is a leading company offering expatriates useful information. In order to ease the expatriate life in Botswana & Asia Pacific, Allo’ Expat is providing the expatriate community with a one stop service and info center that will give the worldwide expatriate community a complete set of information, listings and directories should they look for international schools, 5 star hotels, hospitals, the latest restaurants, etc. As we wish to provide a global network for the expatriate community aroud the world, Allo’ Expat has designed dedicated online forums and classified section in order for the expatriate community to communicate everyday by posting ads, messages, tips and also to share and trade their own information and goods making their expatriate life a lot easier. We hope to make the best place for Expats in Botswana.